Green Divider

Green Divider instantly adds privacy, reduces noise in any open environment with the power of plants.


Landscaping significantly increases the worth of your property!

Office Plant Decor

Plants can offer your company benefits far beyond simple aesthetics.

Vertical Gardens

Living green walls are a surefire way to enhance a building’s visuals!

Plants on Rent

Our office plant rental service includes installation and regular maintenance.

Live Photo Frames

Watch nature and art converge in a photo frame that looks great hanging on almost any wall.

Balcony & Roof Top Gardens

An aesthetically designed rooftop garden results in optimum use of space in Urban living.

Corporate Gifts

Exclusively Potted Plants!

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Our maintenance program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

About Us

somethingNew is a dynamic combination that brings to you years of experience and expertise in horticulture, landscaping, gardening, growing and retailing plants of all shapes, colours and varieties. At somethingNew, we believe in providing a quality service with flawless results. We serve a combination of residential and commercial customers, offering a widespread array of work. We build your project from the ground up; blending together your desires and inspiration, creating a fully functional and eye-catching landscape. Each project is treated as a masterpiece in production; gathering all of our materials from natural resources and harbouring the talents of local businesses. Our work has seen the repeating of regular customers who we have served for countless years. This is due to our continuing over achievement of their expectations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your needs. Our knowledge, skills and expertise have many years behind them; so that we can advise and give you astounding results. We provide a tailor-made maintenance programme with expert guidance, ensuring you receive a perfect landscape all year round.

We have world class Inhouse Resourse to create Something New for you! We work with all types of businesses, big and small, and across all sector groups and without being too modest, we’ve got to say, our interior plantscaping is among the best. Every interior plantscape design that we create is the result of a process that starts with: A visit from one of our trained Plantscape Consultats to determine your needs. Our people work hard to fully understand our client's vision to ensure we deliver on the brief. We will carry out a survey including measurements and light readings for planting schemes. We have yet to meet a client who says that cost is not an issue, so creativity is vital in designing a scheme that meets or exceeds expectations, whilst offering a competitive option. We will then make recommendations, based on your needs, lighting requirements, design requirements and budget and offer a selection of high quality plants and containers or plantscaping display to enhance your company’s image and put your customers and staff at ease. Once your plants have been installed, you will then be visited regularly by our trained Plantscape Technicians whose job it is to keep your plants in tip top condition and looking great.

It's not just our profession; its also our Passion!

What makes us so special?

Fine Team of Experts
Wide Range of Resources
Ability to Uphold timelines
End to End Project Handling