Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer most frequently asked questions here :​

First, we schedule a time to meet to discuss your project. During our consultation, we will go over what it is that you want and don’t want from your landscape. If a design is needed, we will come back to discuss design options and have plans made. Typically, within two weeks of our initial meeting, we will present you with a proposal and design concept for you to review.

Once a proposal is approved, we will prepare a contract outlining the terms of work as well as the project details.

We require a deposit before we can schedule to begin work. Upon completion of the project, all balances must be paid in full.

Yes. We work with you to set a realistic budget outline. This helps us to determine where to best utilize your money in your landscape.

Yes. We can design and build just about any outdoor structure and pavements  you can imagine. We have a civil works team for Hardscaping and Softscaping for Landscaping.

Yes, we do both greenfield as well as brownfield projects. Also, incase you already have a plan, we would want to review the plans to ensure they are done properly.

Yes. We can work with you and break up your project into several different stages, based on your budget and timeline for completion.

Sustainability is our Mantra! We use as many all natural and organic products as we can. We are always mindful of the natural environment at our job sites and limit chemical usage.